The last month of our year-long adventure has continued to be jam packed as we wrapped up school and school activities, started to say goodbyes, and had last visits. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to…

About a month ago, the girls requested hosting one more party/slumber party with their friends.  Sophia planned a day with her 2 best friends, Jeanne and Lea and we spent a day at Xenses Park here in Playa…

and then 3 of Anna’s friends joined us back at the house for more fun and a slumber party..


during the second to last week of school, Sophia had earned a reward for successfully completing a school reading program (Spanish and English) and she got to go with some of her classmates and teachers to the Xplor Adventure Park (zip lines, jungle jeeps, etc)…they got to miss school that day and were there for 11 hours! 🙂

Sophia Xplor trip

Since elementary (primaria) school ends after 6th grade here, there is a lot of celebrating the end of 6th grade!  Anna’s class had a big dinner party celebration at a hotel near Tulum…all the class went with their families – it was FUN!

and then the following weekend, all of the 6th grade class went for a full weekend at JUNGLE CAMP (near Cancun)…there were activities planned all day, late into the night…Anna had a blast, and came home completely exhausted!

We’ve had some dinner parties with friends…

Ana Maria's birthday party

a last visit to Cozumel…

a quick trip to visit tios y abuelos in Mexico City…(we were relaxing and playing so much, I didn’t take many photos)

notes from friends…

Jeanne's note to Sophia

last Telas practice (there were tears that afternoon and evening)

last telas class

and the formal graduation ceremony for the girls at Tepeyac (Andrew was at the Playa International School and they didn’t have a formal graduation) Huge shout out to all the girl’s teachers…especially Ms Rosy and Ms Lorena!!!

I’m writing this quick blog as we pack up our final things here in Playa…we’ll celebrate the end of this amazing year tonight with friends!



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