At the end of April/beginning of May, we had the opportunity to travel to Chihuahua.  Joaquin’s mother grew up there and many of her siblings and their families still live there today.  Here is a photo of Joaquin’s maternal grandparent’s on their wedding day:


During most of the summers growing up, Joaquin’s parents packed up their station wagon and made the LOOOOOONG drive from Mexico City to Chihuahua to stay and play with their maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the summer. Joaquin’s aunt, Maclovia still lives in the same house that was his grandparents and we got to stay with her there 🙂

Here are some old photos of the cousin’s in front of the grandparent’s house…


Here are our kids in front of this same house with Tia Maclovia 🙂


Just a block away from this house is an enormous public park called Ciudad Deportiva…it has biking and walking paths, a swimming pool, squash courts, a retirement center, soccer fields, baseball stadium, football field, track field, large green spaces to have picnics and gather with friends and family and more…. and cool things like this…


Joaquin spent a lot of time in the summers running and playing over at this park with his cousins.  It is an incredible space.  We walked over there several times during our visit and got to enjoy treats from food stands on the edges of the park….



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Here we are enjoying a day and evening with our Chihuahua family…including loteria! 🙂



During our visit, we were also able to travel through the famous Copper Mountains  (larger and deeper than the US Grand Canyon)  We took the train (“El Chepe”) through the mountains and stayed a few days…hiking and visiting an adventure park during the day. We got on the train early in the morning in Chihuahua City…train left at 6am …we didn’t go all the way to Los Mochis on the coast since we were wanting time in Chihuahua City to visit family …but would love to go back and ride the whole route sometime.  Here is a map of the route of El Chepe (We went a little past Divisadero to Posada Barrancas) :


From our hotel, we could hike and were able to see small Tarahumara communities way up high in the mountains.



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We spent 2 days at the adventure park called ~ Parque de Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre, which was amazing…they had zip lines, gondolas, and a crazy zip rider.  Check out Andrew and I doing the zip rider across part of the canyon…

zip rider

Some other photos of our trip…




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We feel so grateful to have been able to meet and spend time with our Chihuahua family! Many thanks to them for being such loving and fun hosts!


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