Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve been having a blast spending time with so many friends who have come to visit us! In early 2017, we were able to see some friends, Jenni and Veronica who Joaquin and I met 20 years ago on the Ship for World Youth! This was the Japanese program that Joaquin and I met on! Jenni and her husband Mike were here to scuba dive over in Cozumel and Veronica lives in Playa and is a university professor here.  We also were able to spend an evening with some of my high school friends, Darla and Troy and their spouses when they were vacationing here over their winter holiday.  Over President’s Holiday, Edina friends ~ the Seng family and the Tietjen family came…..then over the Edina Public School spring break in March, we had the Indrigo-Lam and Tabor families visit….at the end of March/beginning of April, my beautiful friend Jenni and her son, Santiago (my godson), came to visit us….as well as some additional Edina friends ~ the Marshall family! Feeling so incredibly grateful for these beautiful beautiful friendships!

check out some of our adventures…

SWY friends2

DarlaDarla 2



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