Holiday shows…

Just like in Minnesota, there are a lot of fun and interesting things leading up to the long winter school break (kids get a really loooooong break here…from Dec 21-Jan9th!).

Some fun things that have been happening in the most recent weeks are holiday shows/events. The first was the “Lighting of the Tree”/ Winter Celebration event that happened on Nov 24th (Thanksgiving in the US) at the kid’s school.

Here is the cool “tree” made of long pieces of white fabric, decorated with handmade ornaments that the children made out of plastic bottles they were repurposing…here it is lit up at the celebration…


and here is it in the daytime..


There was music, food, the tree lighting and a show where various school arts groups performed. And the kids had  a lot of fun running around with their friends all evening 🙂

The girls both performed in the show for telas, but the camera ran out of battery so we only have Anna’s routine here…


The kids’ school is affiliated with Xcaret (a large ecological/cultural park)  Xcaret website, so they get some fun access to this park through the school ~ including field trips.  For the elementary school winter holiday show, all of the children performed music, dance, and theater acts in the show…except for the children in art class (Anna), who got to showcase some of their art at the school art show on the school campus…

For the performing arts holiday show, they actually got to perform on one of the Xcaret stages which has a backdrop of a cenote and a cave…amazing!  Here are some links to videos from that show

Sophia’s Dance

and all of elementary kids singing..

We are Children of Peace, We are Children of the World

Then, last week, the girls were invited by their school “telas” teacher to practice with her other local students (from town, not from their school) and participate in their holiday show.  This group of girls practices in a local park called La Ceiba, named after the Ceiba tree (which I wrote about in a previous blog), which is an incredibly beautiful tree located within the park ~for the class, they hang the “telas” (fabric) from this tree and perform from the it’s branches ~ amazing!


We were also so lucky to have some friends visiting this week from Minnesota and they came and watched the show with us 🙂


here are some clips of the girls…



The kids only have a couple days left of school and we are looking forward to spending much of their school break with Abu and Abue (their Mexican grandparents) and los tios (their 3 fun uncles!).


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