Starting school in Mexico…

The kids started school on Monday, August 22nd, so today was their 8th day.

My kids are BRAVE.  

I posted this on Facebook on their first day..

My kids are Brave.

They went to a new school today, where they didn’t know anyone, where they didn’t understand much of the primary language spoken…where they aren’t familiar with the curriculum/schedule/even buildings…and they DID IT! I’m so so proud”

Here is the annual front door school photo (notice the darkness – school starts at 7am for Andrew and 7:10am for the girls!) harsh change to our summer stay up late/sleep in late schedule.


and…since we’ve never had a 1st day of school photo with palm trees in the background…


Andrew is in “secundo de secondaria” (8th grade) and the middle school kids jumped right into a full day.  For the “primary” (elementary) grades (k-6), the first day started with an open house, where we could meet the teachers and get their schedules.



On day 3, Anna came home with this from a new friend at school.  I was/am so incredibly grateful for this small act of kindness shown to her by this little girl.


There are a lot of really cool after school activities available (arts, music, sports). The girls both wanted to sign up right away and Andrew is considering joining the school soccer team.  The girls are going to art class each day after school for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays but….the BIGGEST hit is this AWESOME class that will be on Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons…it’s called, “Telas“.  Telas literally means strong cloth or fabric …the girls canNOT get enough. Today was their 3rd class…seriously, Anna almost can’t sleep when she knows telas is the next day 🙂  I hope their enthusiasm continues…they have already learned a lot!

Andrew has science every Monday and gets to wear this dapper lab coat 🙂


and…Sophia has swimming class every Friday during the school day and wears the school swim uniform…


After school the first Friday she had swim class 🙂

Fast forward to today and they are still going strong! We are all finding the school to be incredibly warm and welcoming, including school staff, teachers, other parents and children ~ we feel lucky for this.  It has a beautiful philosophy of education, with an emphasis on social and environmental awareness and justice, and local and global community building.  Although most of the children at the school are Mexican, there are children and families within the school community from many places in the world (one of Sophia’s first new friends is from Switzerland 🙂

We are grateful.




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