We are feeling the panic of wanting to cram in a lot more before the school schedule/routine begins next Monday. We’ve been really really busy with all of the details of moving a family of 5 to a new country…the many many many steps of enrolling kids in school here, figuring out where to pay the phone bill/electric bill/rent/etc, getting our local IDs, finding a seamstress to adjust school uniforms, sorting out which grocery store has what, finding a dry cleaner, where to get a nail out of the van tire, working with property management people in MN and sorting out all that continues to happen in MN, and actual work work (what we are doing to make a living) on and on and on…

Today after a long morning and early afternoon of errands, phone calls and e-mails, we decided to head out and find a new beach that local friends had recommended.  It was about 25 kilometers south of where we live…very quiet, very beautiful.  We stayed and played there for several hours until the sun started to set and then headed back into town to try a local taco place for dinner.  People eat dinner late here compared to in the US…things are just getting rolling around 8pm. The place we went to is one we’ve driven by many times since we arrived and it always seems to have a line of people waiting to get a table so we thought it probably is good.  It was! We ate tacos al pastor, tacos de arrachera, queso fundido con chorizo, quesadillas, y mas… yum. Here are some photos of the afternoon/evening in the slideshow above. (*sometimes it takes a few minutes to load)


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