Things that go bump in the night…


So…a part of the beauty and the beach living in Riviera Maya is the JUNGLE. As you know if you’ve been reading along, we’ve loved seeing monkeys in the trees, animals like coati and agouti …and we’ve loved the lush trees, plants and flowers.  A not so fun thing about living in a jungle are the bugs.  ack!

common insects in Riviera Maya

For those of you who know me, you know I’m typically the main point person in our household to chase away raccoons, catch the daddy long legs, trap a mouse or two …and even a shrew once – gross.  All this in our MN home.  Here I’ve needed to up my game and so far have cornered GIGANTIC spiders, geckos, locusts (seriously huge ones that both swim and fly) and….even….scorpions.  ugh.

Last night, as I was getting the kids to bed…everyone was relaxed, pjs on, teeth brushed, etc.  Andrew and Sophia were walking into Andrew’s room and I was following them when they both jumped about 2 feet in the air and screamed and ran out….Sophia yelling, “SCORPION!” and Andrew yelling, “SPIDER”…and me yelling…”seriously?!?!?”

The kids went the the other side of the condo, leaving me to find a broom.  Both kids offered a different story and different ideas on what they actually saw. Andrew said, “can spiders fly? Because I swear it was hovering over the sheet on the floor”.  Sophia said, “no I really think it was a scorpion”. In the end, brave Sophia joined me in the hunt.  We poked and prodded the sheet on the floor, the laundry hamper, all the bedding…we looked in the closets and under the bed.  nothing.  that’s even worse isn’t it? not finding anything and knowing it’s probably still in the room…and at bedtime…super perfect.

So the kids quickly had a meeting and decided they would all sleep in the girls room and we closed up Andrew’s room for the night.  This morning, we had the outside of our place fumigated and tomorrow they’ll come back and do the inside.  We’ve learned that living in this part of the world requires fumigation 3-4 times a year.

Fun times.




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