Portal Maya (Mayan Gateway)


Tonight the kids and I walked along the beach into town.  There was a lot going on this Sunday night, including lots of music and Mayan dancers.   We found this sculpture that I’d been reading about, called Portal Maya (Mayan Gateway). This 50 foot tall sculpture was unveiled in December of 2012 to commemorate the end of the Mayan calendar.  It marks the beginning of a new era of prosperity and light (love that!).  It is really incredible! The image is of a man and a woman being pushed upward by spirals of water… and within the water, you can see dolphins, shells, a jaguar, images of the people who have come before and more.

Just behind the sculpture, we arrived just in time to see some Voladores 🙂

Wow! so amazing 🙂  Here is some fun info about the story behind Voladores in Mexico and Latin America that some of you may find interesting…here is an excerpt from the website below…

“A Totonaca myth tells of a time when there was a great drought, and food and water grew scarce throughout the land. Five young men decided that they must send a message to Xipe Totec, God of fertility so that the rains would return and nurture the soil, and their crops would again flourish. So they went into the forest and searched for the tallest, straightest tree they could find.

When they came upon the perfect tree, they stayed with it overnight, fasting and praying for the tree’s spirit to help them in their quest. The next day they blessed the tree, then felled it and carried it back to their village, never allowing it to touch the ground. Only when they decided upon the perfect location for their ritual, did they set the tree down.

The men stripped the tree of its leaves and branches, dug a hole to stand it upright, then blessed the site with ritual offerings. The men adorned their bodies with feathers so that they would appear like birds to Xipe Totec, in hope of attracting the god’s attention to their important request. With vines wrapped around their waists, they secured themselves to the pole and made their plea through their flight and the haunting sound of the flute and drum.”

Los Voladores



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