Today the girls and I went back to Cocos, the local animal welfare organization for Saturday “kitten cuddling” time.  After kittens and young cats are found in the streets or brought in by their owners who can’t care for them, they are treated for medical conditions by vets. If they have been cleared for being ready for a family, they are available for people to come in, visit, and see if there is a kitten or cat that would be a good fit in their family.  Every Saturday they have an official time where volunteers can come in and sit with, play with, read to, or just hang with these kittens and cats to help them get ready for a family as well as get to know the various temperaments and personalities – this info can be given to staff to assist them in finding a good home/family match 🙂

The girls LOVED it! I had a hard time getting them out of there after 2 hours.  This organization works with both cats and dogs and does a lot of great things for animals in this community.  Here are some more pics from today…


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