Xaman Ha and Ixchel


I’ve really been enjoying reading about the history of this area.  Xaman Ha (meaning waters of the North) is the Mayan name for what is now Playa del Carmen. This area was at the center of the Mayan empire of Mexico, located between the Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Ekbalam. It was fishing village within a Mayan trade route.  The community of Xaman Ha was abandoned around 1526 with the arrival of people from Spain.

Amazingly, there are some Mayan ruins from this original community right here in our neighborhood. There are 3 remaining building groups out of the original 8 and they are the only Mayan ruins in all of Mexico that have no cost to visit.  This community was one of 3 coastal Mayan communities that lead an annual female pilgrimage to Cozumel.  Our neighborhood was a launching point for Maya women to make this pilgrimage to honor the Mayan Moon Goddess of healing and fertility, Ixchel. “Chel” means rainbow or sacred light, so much of the art done of her image includes rainbows and she is associated with bodies of water…lakes, streams, rivers and creeks.  Fascinating!

Today, the kids and I went for a walk to see some of the ruins.




We cannot wait to continue to learn, explore and see more! I added more photos from today in the photo section of our blog if you’re interested 🙂




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