The Kid’s School

Many of you have been asking about where the kids will go to school and have been curious for more info.  The school is a private k-12 school called Instituto Tepeyac Xcaret and is only a couple of miles from our home. There is not a school bus like our kids are used to, so Joaquin and I will be driving them there and home every day. Some things we’ve learned reading about schools in Mexico…from the early 1900s until 1992, Mexican law required that all children attend school at least through the sixth grade. In 1992, that law was changed, and currently all children are required to attend school through the ninth grade. According to what we’ve read, over 90% of children in Mexico attend primary school (elementary), around 62% percent attend secondary school (middle school) and approximately 45% complete high school. After high school, around 25% of high school grads go onto higher education.

This community is small, but we were able to visit and consider a few schools this past spring as we were making our plans and Instituto Tepeyac seems like a really great option. Check out the campus on the video below…it’s really beautiful! Joaquin has some friends from college who live here and their children also go to this school and like it a lot 🙂

School will start for the kids on Monday August 22nd. We’ve been to the school several times since our arrival. The kids needed to each take an “assessment exam” and we’ve been continuing to complete paperwork for the school (health forms,  Dr. letter, immunization records, translated MN school records, official photos taken, etc).  Approximately 75% of the students at our school are Mexican and about 25% of the students come from other countries, mostly in Latin America. To our knowledge, there are no current students from the United States, so our kids will really be immersed in a new school system, language and experience!  For those of you who are in our Normandale community, there is French offered at our new school, so our kids can continue with their French. They’ll have French twice a week, they’ll have English classes and the rest will be in Spanish.  Kids are a bit nervous, but the school teachers and administrators we’ve met have been really kind and welcoming.  We are all really really happy that we have these first 7 weeks to get settled prior to the first day of school!

Here is a link to the school’s website:

and here is a short video that shows the campus:


One thought on “The Kid’s School

  1. Martha Schuler says:

    Melissa, it’s been fun reading your blog entries. It is so wonderful that you and your family get to live in and experience, not just visit this culture.The area looks beautiful! The school looks amazing! I hope you’re all loving it and adjusting well. Take care!


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