I drove

Tonight, I drove for the first time – woot woot!  My volunteer co-pilot was Sophia and she was so patient and kind with me 🙂  We only drove around our neighborhood, but it was the first time I’ve driven in Mexico since we arrived, and in fact the first time EVER that I’ve driven in Mexico even though we’ve been coming every year for the past 19 years. I need to practice and get up to speed quickly as Joaquin will need to travel soon for work and I’ll need to be able to get groceries, kids to school, etc.

A small victory.

Here is a celebratory photo of Sophia and I in front of the OXXO store where we picked up some Gatorade (sorry so dark – Nana, Sophia took this photo on the camera you gave her :).  It is HOT and HUMID here in Playa.  I think we may be the only family in history who moved to Playa in July 🙂 Joaquin and I have noticed our ankles and feet feeling swollen and actually hurting…we Googled “swelling in hot and humid climates” yesterday.  Here’s a cut and paste of what we found…

When we are in hot or humid climates, our peripheral circulation opens up in order to assist heat loss from the body and control temperature, preventing overheating.  We also tend to perspire more heavily for the same reasons and can become salt-depleted as a result.  The loss of salt from the circulation can reduce the ability of the veins to draw blood back in from the tissues, leaving the fluid in the limbs causing them to swell.

Thus the late night drive to OXXO for Gatorade.

There are amazing benefits to sweating, so I expect to return to MN completely purified!



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