Wild.Precious.Vida! ~ our adventure begins…

We did it.

When Joaquin and I met in January 1997, neither of us were “home”. I grew up in Dayton, MN, whose population according to my Google search just now is 5,011 (larger than when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s). Joaquin grew up in Mexico City, whose population according to Google is 21.2 million people (a bit larger than when he grew up :).

But, we met in Tokyo.

Both of us had lived, worked and traveled away from home for several years prior to meeting.  We both loved to travel, learn about new cultures and experience places and people new to us.  While talking about marriage, we completely expected that we’d spend some time living overseas at some point, especially once we had children.  Then….3 cities, 3 apartments, 2 graduate degrees, 2 houses, several part-time and full time jobs, mortgages, car loans and 3 children later, we couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.  Also, add in the deep connections we had at our children’s schools, extra-curricular activities, and with our friends, family, and community.

Time flies.

Almost a year ago, we realized that our oldest child would be starting high school in the fall of 2017.  Our window of opportunity felt like it was closing.  From then until now has included many many late night conversations, connections with friends and family, worries, doubts, calls and visits and meetings and paperwork with schools and rental agents…dentists, pediatricians, physicians, orthodontists, places of employment, banks, post offices, credit card companies, storage companies, piano movers, neighbors, health insurance agents and and and…

We sold our cars, gave away/donated/sold about 1/3 of our belongings, rented out our MN home, found a home to rent in Mexico, enrolled our children in a school here and are now busy exploring and finding our way in our first weeks of living here for 1 year.

Wild.Precious. Vida.


4 thoughts on “Wild.Precious.Vida! ~ our adventure begins…

  1. Emma says:

    HELLO MENDEZ FAMILY! How are you? This is Isabel! Hope you are enjoying Mexico, we miss you all. Call you today! We love your blog!


  2. Peter Seng says:

    Hola Familia Mendez,
    Love your blog and photos! We’ve had a little heat in MN too, saw 100 degrees two days in a row on car thermometer. Soccer tryouts today, Eric’s BWCA camp starts tomorrow. Think he’s a little nervous, but he won’t say so. 11 days in the woods – and mosquitos are flourishing right now due to the rains.
    We’ll keep enjoying the posts and photos!
    The kids’ school looks amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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